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   Combating Africa’s Inequalities: Obscene Disparities: New UNDP Study Highlights Chasm Between Rich and Poor
- (2017|2022)
        Author: Harsch, Ernest
        Publisher: UN

   Closing Africa’s Wealth Gap: Economists Call for New Approach to Planting, Nurturing Seeds of Equity
- (2017|2021)
        Author: Ighobor, Kingsley
        Publisher: UN

   Africa Grapples With Huge Disparities in Education: Higher Enrolment Numbers Mask Exclusion and Inefficiencies
- (2017|2019)
        Author: Musau, Zipporah
        Publisher: UN

   How to Prepare for the GED Test
        Author: Sharpe, Christopher M.
        Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

   African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development
- (2001-)
        Publisher: Africa Scholarly Science Communications Trust (ASSCAT)