Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th century

Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century is the most ambitious project ever embarked on by the African publishing industry. To encourage African writers and publishers, the Zimbabwe International Book Fair launched the international compilation of "Africa's 100 Best Books" . This project included nominations from all over the world, followed by rigorous selection criteria which included assessment of quality, ability to provide information or insight, a continuing contribution to debate and the extent to which a book broke down boundaries. The final list had to reflect a balance of regional representation, gender, historical spread and genres of writing. The top 100 list were selected and the Awards were presented to the authors and publishers of the Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century or their representatives on Saturday 27 July, 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa at a ceremony attended by eminent dignitaries.

The list is also available by country, language and type - please refer to it at the end of the page

A couple of book covers

      1. Abyssinian chronicles - Isegawa, Moses - Language (English)
      2. A dry white season - Brink, Andé - Language (English)
      3. A geração da utopia - Romance - Pepetela - Language (Portuguese)
      4. A grain of wheat - Ngugi wa Thiong'o - Language (English)
      5. A question of power - Head, Bessie - Language (English)
      6. African Philosophy - Hountondji, Paluin J. - Language (English)
      7. Aké: Memoirs of a Nigerian childhood - Soyinka, Wole - Language (English)
      8. Ambigius Adventure - Kane, Cheikh Hamidou - Language (French)
      9. Arrow of God - Achebe, Chinua - Language (English)
      11. Blood knot, and other plays - Fugard, Athol - Language (English)
      12. Bones - Howem Chenjerai - Language (English)
      13. Burger's daughter - Gordimer, Nadine - Language (English)
      14. Butterfly burning - Vera, Yvonne - Language (English)
      15. Chaka - Mofolo, Thomas - Language (English)
      17. Climbie - DADIE, Bernard - Language (English)
      18. Country of my skull - Krog, Antjie - Language (English)
      19. Cry the beloved country - Paton, Alan - Language (English)
      20. Death and the king's horseman - Soyinka, Wole - Language (English)